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For senior care leaders | Issue #136
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Enrollment & Sales
Should you outsource your referral team?
Most people need sales appointments yesterday and don’t have the time, motivation or patience to start and run an in-house team.

Sales Meeting Ideas to Increase Team Productivity
It’s never too late to change up your weekly meetings. Try out some of these sales meeting ideas in your next meeting. 

5 Prospecting Tips to Unblock Your Holiday Enrollments
Take advantage of the downtime in late November and December to schedule meetings for early 2020.

The First 90 Days: From In the Door to Successful Sales
Tips to orient, teach and coach new enrollment reps to success.
Are We Making SEO Too Complicated?
SEO is simple — it’s content and it’s links.Now, this is a simple concept, but it is much more nuanced and complex to execute well. 

Companies relying on Google search are 'impaired'
Google is coming for companies that aggregate information, like and, perhaps, and "ratings" sites.

Marketing Inspiration [Videos]

A marketing "guide for caregivers" of people with extreme memory loss.

PSA for Prostate Exams
Hilarious Halloween campaign, "Don't Fear the Finger."

This commercial for canned milk taps into caregivers and dementia.

When the video script begins, "We're a 50 bed LTAC..." you know it's not going to connect emotionally.

Senior Care
With whispers of a possible recession on the horizon, many advocates fear what will befall this already fragile population.

It's not news, but getting traction in the financial media: Senior living is a rough sector.

Bookmark this 2018 study of Older Americans

Social Media Shareables
At What Age Does Creativity Peak?
It depends on whether you are a conceptual or an experimental thinker.

Too little sleep can be bad for women's bone density - Futurity
Compared to women who slept seven hours a night, women who only slept five had a difference in bone density equivalent to one year of aging.

Men's approach to caregiving is “block and tackle,” in which the caregiver completes one task and moves directly on to the next one.

Elderly people being 'poisoned' by medication, say drug experts
Too little is known about how drugs affect older people, and they are being 'poisoned' by high-dosages.

Are caregiving husbands grouchier?
Husbands who depend on a caregiver spouse are more likely than care-needing wives to feel they are a burden, a new study shows.

While family caregivers truly do selflessly give of themselves in the care of others, they need more than our recognition of their work. They need the Medicare system to provide appropriate resources for the care of their family members.

Even 'minor' surgery can be risky for frail patients - Futurity
For frail patients, even common, "low-risk" surgeries could take a serious toll, which should prompt doctors to pause.

Immortal Style
My first response to the unretouched photos was colored by my inner ageist. I felt exposed, vulnerable and unmasked, with my 76 year old skin photographed close-up and very personal. 

If you "feel sick" -- it's because "sick" is an actual emotion
Feeling sick is actually an emotion called "lassitude," research finds. It's likely one more way that our bodies work to help us get better.

OK, Boomer!
How history repeats itself. Did you REALLY respect YOUR elders?