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Do you want to know why your enrollment team isn't calling on all their accounts?

Why they just visit the "easy" accounts? Where they know the person, and they can just show up and "be casual?"

Do you think they are afraid of rejection?

Nah, it's much worse.

They are afraid of being embarrassed as professionals. 

Because they don't know what to say.

Think I'm wrong? Invite one into your office and ask them to role play with you. 

Feeling 100% confident? Invite them into the Executive Director's office and try the same exercise. 

See, people are afraid of losing face.

Because they don't know what to say.

They don't have their talking points on paper.

They haven't customized those talking points for themselves.

They haven't improved them by iterating with them, and making them better, quarter after quarter.

If you want to give your teams CONFIDENCE, they need talking points customized just for them. They need to be ready for every situation. For every objection. And they have to call and offer VALUE.

If you want to give your teams confidence...

If you want them to show up at their accounts and offer VALLUE...

You have to spoon feed it to the front-line enrollment team.

As one famous actor said, "If it ain't on the page, it ain't on the stage."

This is what we do - create your messaging and get your team practiced, for every conversation. So they have confidence. So they are unafraid. So they bring value.

Best, Lisa

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Social Media Shareables
Social Media Shareables is now a paid a paid service.

If you want to connect with family caregivers in their 40's, 50's and 60's, you can receive 14 social media posts that improve your organic reach on social media. Subscribe to the new Shareables newsletter for $199/month. Every week, you'll receive 14 great posts to build awareness among family caregivers. That's enough for 2 social media posts every day. A great resource for your in-house social media team.

Want us to Do It For You?" We will fill your social media channel with great Shareables, with copywriting that is customized for your brand. You simply review the posts and we'll then publish them for you on your own Facebook page. A great choice for organizations without dedicated social media teams, and at $399/month, an economical way to engage your audience without adding headcount.

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