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Issue #139
Working in senior care does not create automatic empathy.

For some care workers (including professionals and clinicians), the work can cause people to create a protective wall around themselves.

A major senior living provider discovered their staff was *lacking* in empathy, and the entire corporation is undergoing empathy training in 2019-2020.

Empathy begins by being intentional. We must want to understand another person's thoughts and feelings.

If you're an enrollment rep or clinician, here is one exercise to kick-start empathy:

When you next encounter your customer, take a moment to glance briefly at their shoes. Then think of yourself wearing their shoes -- probably not very comfortable, ill-fitting and very different from your own. 

"Let me walk in this person's shoes."

And in their shoes, you are not a magical answer to all their problems. You are a potential threat to their independence, a potential scam, another potentially bad decision. 

So slow down. Build rapport. Ask questions. Listen.
Enrollment & Sales
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Here are 3 insights for the social media marketing funnel, from this week's Facebook Boost event in Oakland.
  1. What Facebook says and what's good for you can be 2 different things. For example, FB wants short videos, because this keeps people scrolling through their feed and seeing more ads. But long-form videos perform very well, according to data I am getting from other advertisers. My advice: go long.
  2. The pixel is smarter than us. No amount of precise targeting can match the strength of FB's artificial intelligence. Let FB find your audience, and the pixel will do the work in retargeting.
  3. Creative counts more than ever. More advertisers are putting in the time and money to produce great creative (read: video, copy). High quality photography and clear, emotional copy are winning.
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Senior Care
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Fewer Medicare Advantage plans offer supplemental benefits, including home care services.

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