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Back to Basics?

We have a new decade ahead of us. Many technologies and practices things that were "new and shiny" 10 years ago are now simply part of the landscape: Social media advertising, content strategy, on-demand sale training, call recording and continuous coaching of enrollment & sales teams.

Today's "standard practices" are heavily used in for-profit, large-scale senior care companies, who are backed with private and public equity. These tools are also seeping into their non-profit sisters.

My advice this year is: do the basics, very well. 

Best, Lisa
Enrollment & Sales
Sales Coaching is a Long-Term Play
60% of high-growth companies use coaching as an integrated part of a sales training program. A winning sales team uses a consistent sales methodology for all of its team members, and the sales manager is heavily invested in coaching.

Don't "create" content — "produce" it
Bloggers who report the best results confirm that they spend over six hours on each piece of content, writing thousands of words on a single topic, while collaborating with influencers and other subject matter experts.

Low-unemployment rates are a sign of a strong economy, but they make attracting and retaining qualified employment candidates rather difficult. Digital marketing can help. One leading home care agency recognizes that caregivers are more connected to the family and client than they are to the agency.

How to Scale Your Content Marketing
What's involved in scaling your content marketing efforts to 100,000 words a month — and what's the payoff? One company shares learnings from their journey.

Marketing Inspiration
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Senior Care
Development costs keep rising
Development costs increased by 6.4% in 2019 because of higher costs for labor, land and materials. The breakdown of all costs was roughly: 
70% for hard costs 
20% for soft costs 
10% for site costs

Career Paths and Relationships Key to Staff Retention
Home health and personal care aides are often referred to as “the eyes and ears” of the U.S. health care system. Still, they’re infrequently used in care teams and often undervalued by the providers they work for.
Social Media Shareables
Social Media Shareables is now a paid a paid service.

If you want to connect with family caregivers in their 40's, 50's and 60's, you can receive 14 social media posts that improve your organic reach on social media. Subscribe to the new Shareables newsletter for $199/month. Every week, you'll receive 14 great posts to build awareness among family caregivers. That's enough for 2 social media posts every day. A great resource for your in-house social media team.

Want us to Do It For You?" We will fill your social media channel with great Shareables, with copywriting that is customized for your brand. You simply review the posts and we'll then publish them for you on your own Facebook page. A great choice for organizations without dedicated social media teams, and at $399/month, an economical way to engage your audience without adding headcount.

To get started email  lisa@getgenerations.com to set up an initial consultation.