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For senior care marketers | Issue #137

This week, Martha Stewart enters the senior living business. I believe strong brands that deliver on their "Brand Promise" will bring a monumental shift in senior care in the coming decade. And these strong brands will be able to circumvent the "A Place for Mom" lead generation referral services.
Enrollment & Sales
Building Enrollment Battlecards
Battlecards are 1-pagers that prepare your team to position your organization against alternatives and competitors. Here are good practices, tips and templates.

Get meetings with direct mail
If I walk into my office and there’s a package sitting on my desk that I didn’t order, you better believe I’m going to open it.
Dreamforce ‘19 Roundup
All the Dreamforce '19 presentations in one handy place.

Measure as you go, not at the end
Set aside budget for measurement, to provide the evidence and insight you need.
List Your Services on "Google My Business"
Now, you can add your own custom list of services to your "Google My Business" listing. For example:
- Recreational activities
- Medical transportation
- In-Home care

Martha Stewart Assisted Living Brand Could Take Shape Under Marquee Venture
Marquee Brands, the owner of the Martha Stewart Living brand, is partnering with global real estate branding firm Brands Lab International to develop real estate projects. Assisted living will be among the product types the venture is pursuing. 
Marketing Inspiration [Videos]
It Pays to Talk
Experiential advertisement for Lincoln Financial Group.
Gillette: Man Enough
Shaving stereotypes.

The Bridal Uniform
A campaign from last year to combat child marriage.

Senior Care
The Indignities of Alzheimer’s Care
Insight into why family caregivers can be skeptical of senior care services.

Update on Eskaton’s Partnership with Honor
Honor has  senior living nonprofit Eskaton to boost revenue and smoothed the organization’s expansion into new markets. But the partnership did not get off to an auspicious start.

Seasonal workers attracted to flexibility
Robust hiring forecasts preceded a holiday hiring season that began as early as August for some retailers.... a job category full of potential caregivers.

Social Media Shareables
Connect with your customers, and with family caregivers, by sharing these curated picks.
Helping Americans Save for Emergencies
A $50 million initiative could help people with money emergencies.

‘Tis the Season to Show Kindness to Lonely Adults
A little kindness goes a long way for lonely adults during this season.

Millennials Detour To Caregiving
Baby boomers' children could be taking care of them while still in their 20s or 30s.

Help employees balance career and caregiving
Companies can ease the burden.

23 Tips for Menopause and Empowerment
The average time for women's transformation is 3-4 years. The toughest changes are most likely a lot shorter, especially with these tips.
Menopause in the Workplace
6,000 women reach menopause each day. Here's what employers could do to help working women with menopausal changes.

Working Parents Align Calendar to Values
Make time for what’s really important.