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"I'm a man. I don't need these women dressing me."

Dad's is tired of women "telling him what to do." And the care aides in memory care do tell him, "Carmelo, you have to _____."

The care aides are all women.

I can understand. As a woman, would I want men always showering me, dressing me, feeding me?

Dad was fed up. He grabbed the care aide's hand. Her fingers got twisted. Now she is "out on disability."

Of course, now we'll be paying for a "higher level of care," higher than $11,000 a month.

I requested that the 1 male care aide in the entire CCRC come by to help my father shower 2x a week. They'll "see what they can do."

Dad's doing the best he can, it must take all his strength.

Best, Lisa

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Enrollment & Sales
Enrollment Conversations
3 Psychology techniques to borrow from therapists.

Here's what the data show.

2019 Data from Sales Studies
Use these findings to better your sales strategy in 2020. 

Why a passion for enrolling will lead to superior results.

Managing Pipeline Stages
A healthy enrollment pipeline will significantly boost velocity and income.

The most requested services from elders were:  social activities, adult education, wellness programs and case management. 

The most requested services by caregivers were: in-home support and home care.”

Inside sales training
Inside sales has become the most popular sales strategy in high-value enrollments. Learn how to train them for success.
The Local Algorithm
Mary Bowling lays out the three factors that drive Google's local algorithm in a simple and concise way anyone can understand.

Manage writers with structure
Be clear with writers about each step of your content development, review and approval process.

Do Effective Web Sites Really Need SEO?
Pedro Dias, a former Googler, posted on Twitter.

5 audiences to exclude from PPC
Negative audiences reduce wasted spend.
Senior Care
Changing demographics and tastes
Three USC alumni discuss trends and challenges for the senior living industry.

Workforce Crisis In First Inning
The industry seems to be living in denial. Even if they talk about it, few are *doing* anything about it.

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Skiing Can Be Your Lifelong Sport
There's no need to stop skiing at 50, 60 or 70. Many ski resorts have senior discounts and adult ski groups. New equipment makes it easier on the knees too. Klaus Obermeyer (photo) rips it up at 100. I may never has his style, but I can have his smile. #agegreatly #skiing

Alzheimer's 'Vaccine' For Human Trials
Researchers from the University of California, Irvine believe that a immunotherapy vaccine could be ready for human trials within the next few years. The potential vaccine has shown success in mice testing. Read up on the latest research #alzheimers

Would You Let a Robot Take Care of You?
Many trial users drew a line at investing too much in the charade of robot companionship. They feared manipulation, surveillance, and a loss of human care. Some worry that robot care would carry a stigma of being seen as “not worth human company.”

'Senior year' has new meaning
With freshman enrollment down, some universities see incentive in catering to retirees. On-campus senior living facilities are way swankier than any frat house you've been in, and without the beer stench. #seniorliving #lifelong learning

‘Women-Only’ Trips a Growing Trend
Women are enjoying time to themselves, for bonding, for "no primping," workshops and adventure. “This is the time to do it. Women our age know it isn’t going to get any easier.” #agegreatly #travel

Older Patients Struggle After Minor Operations
These patients are not aware of the true risks, and surgeons aren’t telling them, new research suggests. Educate yourself on what it means for your parent to have "routine" surgery.

There is Wealth in Social Capital Too
To avoid isolation and loneliness as we age, we all need to continually nurture our "social capital." These assets take the form of relationships that will cushion us from the potential for ending up isolated and lonely in later life.

Microdosing LSD for Alzheimer’s proves safe in early human trial
Children of the 60's will be heartened to learn that microdosing LDS is safe. This isn't your Woodstock trip! A Phase 1 trial is testing whether microdose methods could be useful as a therapeutic treatment for Alzheimer's. What a long, strange trip it's been! #research #alzheimers
Too little (or too much) water may affect older women’s cognition
For older women, too little hydration may affect cognitive performance. But too much can do the same. Darned if you do, darned if you don't? Read on! #womenshealth #agegreatly

Preserve Your Brainpower!
Consumer Reports explains what we know about how to preserve brainpower and protect the aging brain. Our understanding of dementia and ability to delay or possibly prevent cognitive decline are improving. #agegreatly #energy

We Know About Mental Health. What About Social Health?
Friends and acquaintances have a serious part to play in our overall health. If you need another nudge to call an old friend and invite them for coffee, read on! #friendship #agegreatly

My Mother’s Dementia Made Me a Better Person. My Dog Agreed.
The frustration of watching mom go through dementia brought out the worst in me. Then, my dog showed showed me how to do better. #dementia #caregiving #mansbestfriend

Making Mom’s Memory Board
How could cutting out magazine pictures and pasting them to a poster board help me communicate with her, especially in her present state? #chemo #hospitalization #caregiving
Caregivers as a 2020 Voting Bloc
 Two of America’s most influential advocates for caregivers, Maria Shriver and Ai-jen Poo, recently partnered on a poll that shows that caregivers could be a bloc in the 2020 election. 

An overwhelming majority of Americans are very supportive of a specific proposal to address the quality of caregiving in America -- a federal program that everone pays into, to help pay for care as we age.

#Alzheimers #Caregiving

Keep your brain sharp - Go to school
"If you actively use your brain, you should maintain your cognitive function." Playing scrabble isn't enough, you have to stretch the mind with difficult-to-learn topics. #agegreatly #lifelonglearning