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For senior care leaders | Issue #138

That's what dementia costs. Here is the bill for my father's memory care this month. This includes caregivers, incontinence products and "chair yoga."

This does not include healthcare and medical, hearing aids, clothing, physical therapy, haircut and outside food, nor any social activity beyond the 4 walls of the place.

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Enrollment & Sales
Recognize Top Performers BEFORE You Hire
4 types of reps you will interview, how to identify them, and which to hire.

8-Step Plan for Trade Show Sales Success
Optimize your trade show efforts and measure ROI.
Objection Handling vs Negotiating
10 objection handling and sales negotiation techniques to always walk away with a win.

Avoid "Sorry"
"Apology" words and phrases are all too common on sales calls. But there's one time when apologizing is actually encouraged. 

Native Advertising Builds Credibility
Stanford professor chimes in on native advertising with a new study.

Financial Services Marketing Benchmarks
Financial services companies spend large sums of money on content marketing. A review of current benchmarks.

Negative audiences help reduce wasted spend and prevent prospects from being retargeted too many times.

Marketing Inspiration
Visually appealing marketing assets matter
Neuroscience: The brain responds to beauty automatically. A marketing campaign that is aesthetically pleasing is key to a good first impression.

Monterey Bay Aquarium: Be an Ocean Hero

Invisible Loneliness

Visibility for Disability

Senior Care
Senior Living Management Fee War
Management fees paid to operators have emerged as a battleground between investors and mission-driven operators.
Digital and AI strategies for mental health issues
More technology-driven methods  address  growing mental health needs.

Provider-led health plans evolve
Although they are often pursued for vertical integration, their value is not always clearly demonstrated.

Less than 8% of Medicare Enrolleess Switch Plans
People may not know they can switch plans or may find the process of comparing plan options too burdensome.

Nursing homes and other post-acute care settings saw spending growth slow down from 2017 to 2018.
National home health spending soared to $102 billions in 2018, reflecting the ongoing shift toward home- and community-based care and away from hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) .
Social Media Shareables
Connect with your customers, and with family caregivers, by sharing these curated picks.
‘Women-Only’ Trips Represent a Growing Travel Trend
Women-only travel is getting a little more interesting — and adventurous.

Older Shouldn’t Mean Separate
Many aging services cause age segregation, and it's more harmful than many realize.

New Therapies Help Dementia Depression
Many patients with cognitive impairment have anxiety or depression, but standard treatments are difficult for people with memory issues.

How much time do we spend with other
 A discussion and charts about how much time we spend with other people as we grow old. 

Medicare Tool Gives Wrong Info
Consumer advocates have identified instances when the tool has malfunctioned and given inaccurate plan and price data.

Stroke Intervention
Are you having a hard time preparing for an occupational therapy treatment for your patients with a stroke? Here are 10 items to have in your basket!

Doctor Discovers What’s Missing In Health Care
Harvard psychiatrist Arthur Kleinman shed his “veil of ignorance” during 11 years serving as the primary family caregiver for his wife, who had a rare form of early Alzheimer’s disease.

Gates commits $1M to childcare, transportation
Many employers, including several high-profile companies, are beginning to offer more comprehensive benefit packages to all workers.

The Dilemma of the Black Patient
Last week a nurse posted a video of herself on Twitter mocking patients with the caption “We know when y’all are faking” followed by laughing emojis.

Senior Activists Seek Affordable Housing
More than 100 demonstrators, many of them senior citizens, crowded into San Francisco's Mayors office Wednesday

See the Doctor When You’re Healthy
Preventive health can save lives. Here's what's recommended.

Exercise May Fight Aging
The muscles of those who worked out looked like those of 25-year-olds -- and showed less of the inflammation that is tied to health problems as we age.